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        Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd

        Surface Slitting Machine

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        Surface Slitting Machine

        Product Application

        is surface rewind type slitting machine mainly fit for foil ,paper and film slitting and rewinding, especially it is fit for narrow width slitting materials. The finish roll with good tension and smooth edge side.

        Product Features

        1. This machine adopts center rewinding and surface contact mode to rewinding.
        2. Main Motor equipped with inverter for speed regulation
        3. Automatic EPC for unwinding, photocell is suitable for tracking the edge and/or the line of material.
        4. Equipped with air shaft for unwinding material loading, magnetic powder brake
        5. Auto tension controller optional
        6. Air shaft for rewinding (frictional cam shaft available for option), Magnetic powder clutch for rewinding tension control
        7. Equipped with air trim blowing system. 
        8. Automatic metering,

        Technical Parameters

        Model  700  1100  1300
        Max Material Width 700mm 1100mm 1300mm
        Slitting and Rewinding Speed 160m/min
        Mechanical Speed  180m/min     
        Max Dia of Material  ф600mm   
        Max Dia of Rewinding  Ф450mm
        Internal Dia of Roll Core  ф76mm ( ф156mm 可選)
        Width of Final Roll 30-700mm 30-1100mm 30-1300mm
        Tolerance of EPC ±0.5mm
        Total Power 4.5Kw 5Kw 5.5Kw
        Weight 1200KG 1500KG 1800KG
        Dimension  L2000×W1110×H1400mm  L2400×W1110×H1400mm  L2600×W1110×H1400mm