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        Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd

        Vacuum Film Embossing Machine

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        Vacuum Film Embossing Machine

        Product Features

        1. Unwind & Rewind Tension Control by PLC
        2. Air shaft loading
        3. Pre-heating before embossing, heating way: Oil heating. Have independent control box
        4. Embossing roller with cooling, have cooling device
        5. Unwind with ultrasonic EPC system

        Technical Parameters

        Model SLYH-920S SLYH-1150S SLYH-1300 S
        Embossed Width 920mm 1150mm 1300mm
        Embossed Spoed 60 80m/min 60 80m/min 60 80m/min
        Unwind Dia 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
        Rewind Dia 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
        Unwind Brake 20KG 20KG 20KG
        Rewind Molor 4KW 5 5KW 7.5KW
        Working Pessure 3 8Mpa 3-10Mpa 3-10Mpa
        Heating Power 5.2KW 7.8KW 9KW
        Total Power 15KW 18KW 20KW
        Weight 6200KG 6500KG 6800KG
        Dimensions 7000*2070*2300 7000*2300-2300 7000*2450-2300