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        Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd

        Paper Sheet Embossing Machine

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        Paper Sheet Embossing Machine

        Product Usage

        Its widely used in embossing many kinds of paper, such as wal calendars, desk calendars, covers of books, lucky envelopes, invitation cards, congratulatory cards, packing paper-boxes and etc. Such a technology can make the products more beautiful and more exquisite. 

        Product Features

        1. Traction roller system remove wrinkle
        2. Left and right pressure adjustable
        3. Automatic counting
        4. Speed motor

        Technical Parameters

        Model 650A 720A 920A 1 000A 11 50A 1300A
        Embossed Width 650mm 720mm 920mm 1000mm 1150mm 1300m
        Embossed Speed 0-38m/min 0-38m/min 0-38m/min 0-42m/min 0-42m/min 0-42m/min
        pager Range ≥80g/m2 ≥80g/m2 ≥80g/m2 ≥80g/m2 ≥80g/m2 ≥80g/m2
        Working Pressure 3-8Mpa 3-8Mpa 3-10Mpa 3-10Mpa 3-10Mpa 3-10Mpa
        Host Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 4.0KW 4.0KW 5.5KW
        Heating Power 3.0KW 3.0KW 3.0KW 3.0KW 3.0KW 3.0KW
        Overall Weight 1250KG 1350KG 1800KG 2500KG 2700KG 2900KG
        Dimensions (mm) 1500*1350*1300 1600*1350*1300 800*1650*1450 25001900*1700 25002000*1700 2500-2200*1700