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        Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd Wenzhou Shuanglong Machinery Co., Ltd

        Stand Up Pouch Bag Making Machine

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        Stand Up Pouch Bag Making Machine

        Product Use

        This machine is suitable for producing 2-layer or multiple-layer tri-side sealing composite film bag(for foods, laundry detergent, candies etc.)based  on materials such as BOPP, OPP, CPP, PE, nylon ,aluminum foil, and ?paper, It is an ideal packing bag making facility with easy operation and rapid working, making even-face, beautiful products with highly strong heating sealing.

        Performance and Characteristics

        1. The whole machine adopts industrials control level computer and auxiliary three-servo control system. The pouch-making speed ,pouch –making length, temperature,count, punching and conveyor quantity of doubling finished products, etc .can be preset via touch screen.
        2. Releasing tension can be controlled by full-automatic adjustable magnetic powder constant tension control system.
        3. Automatic alarm for releasing tension ,central tension ,color mark losing and out of temperature limit, etc.
        4. LPC automatic deviation-rectifying ,double photoelectric tracking.
        5. Computer 16-route PID constant temperature control. New type pressure-lifting 6 tiems conveying function.
        6. Pneumatic multi-functional punching, automatic collecting of cut rim charge, electrostatic elimination.
        7. Technology of double self-standing ouch, double concave-convex buckle device is in the lead at home, which can truly make pouch by one machine with multiple functions.

        Technical Parameters

        Model SD-B500 SD-B600
        Max. Diameter of Roll ф600mm ф600mm
        Max. Width of Roll 1040mm 1240mm
        Pouch-making width 60-500mm 60-600mm
        Pouch-making Length 30-300mm 30-300mm
        Capacity 30-120segment/min 30-150segment/min
        Temperature control range Normal 0~300℃ Normal 0~360℃
        Total power 32kw 35kw
        Compressed air 0.6mPa 0.6mPa
        Colling water 5L/min 5L/min
        Weight of machine 5500kg 6000kg
        Overalldimension(L×W×H) 11500×2300×1865mm 11500×2400×1865mm